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Molly Hammar och Mohamed Touzari delar med sig av sina bästa förspelsmoves.

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Second life sex tube

What makes a guy look at a girl twice?

Monica Rocha: Where is RossBoomsocks from? His accent is kainda fanny

Doctor Kappa: It would be less cringy if she didn't fake her Russian accent. I know she's Russian but she repeatedly reveals her real English level.

Rydan Bolt: Omg, I live in Finland and the part about Scandinavians is 1 true

Hunter W: I like his mafia acting. it was hilarious. you like 'bull? lol

IbukiSF3: I think I might like Russian girls.

Falconettig: For this I NEVER doing sucess here. Im so thin and small to brazilians man

Gabriel Gasca: Australian, please. Should be easy to find one in Canada, I hear 80 of Whistler is Australian anyway XD

MirrorMei: I'd love to move to Perth, what's it like? (mainly Scots ask this)-It's a city on the western coast surrounded by desert, I've never been there because it's a five hour flight or two day drive and I don't know anyone there, which sums up Perth for most Aussies.

Yassin El.: It's nice to know the opinion of women from different nations

Ellie Loll: Scotland accents are nasty

Awwyeah233: I'd like a Canadian please.

COMMON SENSE: Russian women are the bests in the world!

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Homemade Ebony Anal Jam. Continue Reading Ebony homemade anal. Fin bild från Andy - Furryfika 1 år! S ergalen Zabu pratar om vilka konsekvenser det skulle få om YouTube släcktes ner. Continue Reading Second life furry. Många funderar någon gång över storleken på sin penis. Vissa kanske tycker att den är för liten, andra att den är för stor.

Hur skönt sex är, både för. En enkel sammanfattning om hur man får större penis. Jag skriver till dig för att min penis är liten.

Jose Serrano: The whole idea that you should change yourself just because someone is from a different country is ludicrous.

Roham ROW: You would go to his home because you are a dirty russian whore

Mikecf97: I'm amazed by the brazillian women, she got so many right omg

Mad Hatter: You know you are dating a russian man when you`re rushing B with him

Eimear C68: So basically dutch mens are gay

TheMisa92: I'm proud to be brazilian, hehe!

Chang Watre: Dude, I'm a native Spanish speaker and I found that guy really disrespectful. I mean, all the rest chose sweet pick up lines and he just talked about butts xD

Adoraverunt: Anyway, I did date an Israeli woman for a bit, in the USA. I actually did meet her sister, when she was here on vacation. And yes, she was tactless. I'm Jewish myself, but there was still a big gap, even though she spoke English without an accent.

Janice Mok: Do a you know your dating a American woman/man I wanna see that.


Sueda Erzin: I want to leave here a tipical italian word because im italian. PORCO DIO

Lulwa Rayan: I'm a Slav from West :

Lylly B: Hahahaa i think my husband can relate to this lol.

ReetardTV: Looks like I'm an English man.

Opinions please! Does he like me or are we just friends?

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  1. My ex gf in Indonesia had her clit circumcised. They all do it there. They only cut half off these days instead of all.

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