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Why keep comming back?

Institutionen för vilt, fisk och miljö, SLU, Umeå. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 60 4 , Mix one wholesome good girl with one very naughty boy.

Sagadi, Estonia, October The problem of spatial scale when studying human dimensions of a natural resource conflict: Lincoln singles

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Alex Bull: Bah too plastic love that dude

Zein Mouin: Can you please maybe do one on English women? I think that would be pretty interesting

KeiraA333: You know you are dating a Czech woman when studies show that she is smart enough to disbelieve in organized religion but still dumb enough to believe in a god.

Hep The Great: Porto and Algarve are better to know people and have healthier relations.trust me ;)

Zola Aloz: I'm french and i didn't understand a single word When que speak

CodeNameBoomy: This Channel should do Vietnam!

Diane Yen: It's true, most american girls cheat on facebook with a bunch of guys and send nudes even when they have a bf or husband. It's quite common.

WGissle CSGO: Any women/guy that says I love your fat broke ass, is a liar.

RangerXCarmen: The first one is German, I speak fluent German and that didn't sound German.

Gussstavo: I'm Portuguese and have already lived in Poland and Argentina. Those two cultures are quite the opposite from each other and Portuguese culture fits right in the middle of it. We're not as cold hearted people as the Poles and on the other hand we don't have this invasive and a bit shameless chamuyero culture. Well i think this balance is what makes us special.

Yanira Pecino: I don't know. there are nice Asian guys like me in Buenos Aires and there are some Argentine girls into Korean or Asian drama, movies and music. but in general , they are kind of slow to realize my signal or they do not invest too much time on dating ,because Argentine women are more family oriented take care or meet parents, silbings, cousins, nephews, uncle, aunt, grand-parents etc , from what I am observe.

Dojcubic: I would looove a Russian man. But I'd want an unconventional more hippie minded one if they exist lol

Ghazel G: Hi marina, interesting channel so many countries . did you study linguistics by any chance, i am wondering how much role does language play in all this, i mean when the lingua franca is a language not native to yours

Generalbellic: I'm from Innsbruck, Austria. A big no-no would be to just leave your date, especially if you are out with a girl, go home alone. Sometimes the streets at night are scary, so I am sure your date would appreciate if you accompany her on her way home or at least wait for the taxi with her.

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Alex Ahonen: We are mad! We kill pigs at christmas, and eat his sorici, that mean his skin!

Wunstab: Well, I'm definitely French ^^

Jan SlГЎdek: The bread and the cheese look like something you would eat when you are in a hurry but you have to put something in your stomach. And even after, if someone asked you if you had lunch/dinner, you would answer No because it's not proper food, it's filthy stomach-filling things.

Lindsey: Hahaha kinda weird for me. I'm old school, it sounds wong if the guy doesn't offer to pay the bill. I would definitely think he doesn't take me seriously, doesn't value me. Totally old school, but that's me haha

Elvis Reyes: It looks almost similar to dating Turksih girl.Main difference is that even though physical contact is also common among Turks,opposite sex contacts are happening mainly on family.Girs dont kilss or make much contanct with boys if they are jsut friends.

Alexys Moxon: This is more like how to get a danish gf

Elp Smith: For all feminists

Toph Ton: Do black guys have chance to date russian angels?

Wild college students going at it raw
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As the strategic leader of SLU: Consequently we study a wide range of topics from herbivore-plant interactions via animal ecology, forestry, arctic issues, physiological stress in animals, adaptive natural resource management, to a range of human interactions with wildlife.

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