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Straight dudes fucking each other

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Sir Deacan: Make a video about when you date a Lebanese girl and man too

Brian Greco: I'm an Indian, and after seeing this video, I'm totally amazed by this lady. I hope most Russian women are like this only. Wouldn't mind going to the extra mile/being a gentleman/waiting for a long time to break the ice for having such an understanding and amazing life partner. Keep it up :)

Meade Helios: Politeness is the thing I endorse.

Jack Lan: Every single women in the world such beautiful.inside and the land of the philippines.thank you

Katy White: So it's a bit like dating a Rottweiler. If you show weakness it will bite your nuts off, if you get it under control it will be a pussy cat with you.

Strykzone: That British guy is insanely charming.

Ghazel G: Love my Mexican Woman!

Zack Trever: I am an American (with past family roots in Germany married to a German man in Germany and I find this all to be mostly true and hilarious. I still struggle at times with certain aspects of some of these. The one thing my hubby doesnt do is make schedules like that, this tends to be the German side of me that steps in and takes the list making/schedule one over haha!

Gypsy Chick: Lost you are females!

Lisa Wang: Shynbalaie, quando vejo o Sol beijando o mar :v kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Is she pushing away again?

Si Lafuyang: Haha fun to see how italian girls react to the italian man, expasly with being the being the first women in his life according to the italian girl video. and then seeing in this video about his mom being everywhere at anytime

May Glemao: I'm Australian and from my travels and friends I've met my stereotypes of Americans are:

Debudada: When she knows how to french kiss? kidding hahahaa

Somalisavage0: I'm brazilian and i say russian is the most beautiful language, special when is a woman speaking. 3

MIYIAUQ: I didn't understand one word in portuguese and I'm brazilian kakakak

Jeline Nantes: Why no bosnian

Lara Sofia: Latinos have more passion, that is the reason why in Europe Scandinavians go to Spain and North Americans go to Latin America. It is also the reason why they are more advanced than us because while we are having sex and drinking they are working and inventing a new technological gadget.

PENNYWISE: Oh please Dominicans be sounding like they in a rush. Barely speak that slowing

ASHISH SINGH: Hmm I'm a girl from America and I have not found a guy like this in EVER! I'm not a feminist and I'm more traditional. Sadly guys treat me badly. I've been pushed and one has actually wanted to fight me, etc. I think girls are lucky if they find a Russian man, if they act like this of course!

Janice Lee: This is one of my favorites!

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